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guess (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده guesses، حال استمراری guessing، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری guessed)

  1. گمانیدن:
    She asked me to guess her age.
    I guessed the total amount to be about £50,000.
    I didn't know the answer, so I had to guess.
  2. حدسیدن:
    She guessed the answer on her first try.
    "You have a new job, don't you?" "Yes, how did you guess?"


guess (جمع guesses)

  1. گمان:
    "I wonder why she's not here." "My guess is that her car has broken down."
  2. حدس:
    Go on - have/make a guess.
    Both teams made some wild guesses (= made without much thought), none of which were right.