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پرش به ناوبری پرش به جستجو



cooperate (سوم شخص مفرد از حال ساده cooperates, حال استمراری cooperateing, گذشته ساده و اسم مفعولی cooperateed)

  1. عملیدن (عمل کردن) یا کاریدن (کار کردن) باهم برای یه هدف خاص، یا کمکیدن به کسی با برآوردن درخواست‌اش:
    A two-year old is likely to refuse to cooperate when you tell her to get dressed.
    The two companies have cooperated in joint ventures for the past several years.
    The Spanish authorities cooperated with the British police in finding the terrorists.
  2. پذیرفتن کاریدن با شرکت، سازمان، یا کشور دیگر برای دستیابی به چیزی:
    Large corporations have a duty to cooperate in order to protect the environment.
    We are cooperating with another company on this joint venture.
    They have agreed to cooperate in distributing products and providing support services.