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follow (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده follows، حال استمراری following، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری followed)

  1. حرکتیدن پشت کسی یا چیزی و رفتن جایی که می‌رود:
    A dog followed us home.
    She followed me into the kitchen.
    He had the feeling he was being followed (= someone was going after him to catch him or see where he was going).
    I could feel them following me with their eyes (= watching my movements closely).
    Do your own thing, don't just follow the crowd (= do what everyone else does).
  2. رفتن در جهت یه جاده، مسیر، یا غیره:
    Follow the road for two miles, then turn left.
  3. رخدادن یا آمدن پس از چیزی:
    We were not prepared for the events that followed (= happened next).
    The book was delivered yesterday with a note saying the bill for it would follow in a day or two.
    The meal consisted of spinach salad, followed by roast chicken (= with this as the next part).
    She published a book of poems and followed it (up) with (= next produced) a novel.
  4. پیرویدن یا عملیدن بنابر سفارش کسی:
    Follow the instructions on the back of the packet carefully.
    I decided to follow her advice and go to bed early.
    Muslims follow the teachings of the Koran.
  5. داشتن یه علاقه‌ی شدید به چیزی یا تماشای چیزی از نزدیک:
    He follows most sports avidly.
    They followed her academic progress closely.
  6. رخدادن به‌عنوان یه نتیجه، یا بودن یه نتیجه‌ی محتمل:
    Just because I agreed last time, it doesn't necessarily follow that I will again.
  7. فهمیدن چیزی همانطور که گفته‌شده یا انجامیده:
    I'm sorry, I don't quite follow (you).
    His lecture was complicated and difficult to follow.
  8. خواندن نت‌ها یا واژه‌های یه قطعه موسیقی یا نوشتن همزمان آن‌ها چنانکه نواخته یا خوانده می‌شوند
  9. در شبکه‌های اجتماعی بعنی انتخاب کسی برای دیدن هرچه در آن شبکه منتشر می‌کند.