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reference (جمع references)

  1. اشاره؛ اشاریدن (اشاره کردن):
    Knowing what had happened, I avoided making any reference to (= mentioning) weddings.
    Avoid making any reference to his accident.
  2. مرجع
    You need to make a list of all your references.
  3. ارجاع:
    His comments were in reference to a stupid question someone asked.
    In all future letters on this subject, please use/quote our reference JW/155/C.
  4. یه ادعای نوشتاری که شخصیت و توانایی کسی را می‌وصفد (وصف می‌کند)، یا کسی که این ادعا را می‌نویسد:
    She has excellent references.
    We need a reference from your former employer.
    My old headteacher said he would write/give me a glowing (= very good) reference.
    Could I list you as a reference on my application?
  5. رجوع؛ مراجعه:
    He made the whole speech without reference to the notes in front of him.