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repeat (third-person singular simple present repeats, present participle repeating, simple past and past participle repeated)

  1. سخنراندن (به‌زبان آوردن) یا بیان چیزی به کسی بیش از یکبار:
    Would you mind repeating what you just said?
    Please don't repeat what I've just told you to anyone else.
    She repeated that she had no intention of running for president.
  2. حادث کردن، یا انجامیدن چیزی، بیش از یکبار:
    The test must be repeated several times.
    This is an offer never to be repeated.
    Johnny had to repeat a year/class at school.
    Some historians think that history repeats itself.



repeat (plural repeats)

  1. وضعیتی که در آن چیزی بیش از یکبار رخ می‌دهد یا انجام می‌شود:
    All this is a repeat/a repeat performance of what happened last year.