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set + -er


setter (third-person singular simple present setters, present participle settering, simple past and past participle settered)

  1. یه نوع سگ با موهای بلند که می‌توان برای شکاریدن پرنده یا حیوان تربیت کرد؛ که شامل دو نوع «ایرلندی» و «مو قرمز» است:
    a red setter
    an Irish setter
    She has a spaniel and a red setter.
    setter dogs were originally trained to set, or crouch, in front of game preventing the escape of the quarry.
  2. طرح‌کننده:
    The exam was so hard we assumed the question setter must have been in a bad mood.
    Some crossword setters work for various newspapers under different pseudonyms.
  3. (والیبال) پاسور
  4. آهنگساز؛ مصنف
  5. (برنامه‌نویسی شی‌گرا) نهنده:
    setter function is called when the value is set to the variable.
    Define setter methods for any inputs to the activity.