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appear (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده appears، حال استمراری appearing، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری appeared)

  1. نمایادن؛ ظاهر شدن:
    He suddenly appeared in the doorway.
    We'd been in the house a month when dark stains started appearing on the wall.
    His name appears in the film credits for lighting.
  2. هستادن؛ حاضر شدن:
    Both women will be appearing before magistrates later this week.
  3. بینشتن؛ دیده شدن:
    You've got to appear (to be) calm in an interview even if you're terrified underneath.
    To people who don't know him he probably appears (to be) rather unfriendly.
  4. ایفاییدن؛ نمایش دادن:
    She will be appearing in the latest adaptation of "Bleak House".
    She appears briefly in the new Bond film.
  5. موجود شدن:
    I've noticed that smaller cars are starting to appear (= be produced or sold) again.
    The film, currently showing in the States, will be appearing on our screens (= we will be able to see it) later this year.
    رسیدن؛ سر و کله پیدا شدن:
    If she hasn't appeared by ten o'clock I'm going without her.