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expression (جمع expressions)

  1. بیان؛ ابراز:
    Freedom of expression is a basic human right.
    He wrote her a poem as an expression of his love.
    It's better to give expression to (= show) your anger, rather than hiding it.
  2. حالت چهره:
    I could tell from her expression that something serious had happened.
    Mark always has such a miserable expression on his face.
  3. اصطلاح:
    He uses a lot of unusual expressions.
    "A can of worms" is an expression that means "a difficult situation".
  4. (ریاضی) عبارت؛ عبارت جبری:
    4xy2 is an expression.
  5. (برنامه‌نویسی) ارزاک:
    An expression evaluates to a value.