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handle (جمع handles)

  1. دستگیره؛ دسته:
    a door handle
    I can't pick the kettle up - the handle's too hot.
  2. دستاویز:
    That's some handle to go through life with!
  3. نام‌کاربر؛ نام‌کاربری:
    Twitter handles start with an @ sign.
    You can follow the team on Twitter under the handle @ManUtd.


handle (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده handles، حال استمراری handling، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری handled)

  1. کیاستن؛ رسیدگی کردن:
    I thought he handled the situation very well.
    Some people are brilliant with computers, but have no idea how to handle (= behave with) other people.
    If you can't handle the job I'll get someone else to do it.
    Who handles the marketing in your company?
  2. برداشتن، بلند کردن، و نگهداشتن با دست؛ دستزدن:
    Always wash your hands before handling food
    Please don't handle the vases - they're very fragile.
  3. دستگرفتن؛ کاربردن (به کار بردن):
    Have you ever handled a gun before?