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note (جمع notes)

  1. یه نوشته کوتاه:
    He left a note to say he would be home late.
  2. یه توصیح کوتاه یا اطلاعات اضافه‌ای که پایین یه برگه، پشت یه کتاب، یا غیره آورده می‌شود:
    For more information see Note 3.
  3. یه تک‌صدا در یه سطح خاص، معمولا در موسیقی، یا نماد نوشتاری‌ای که نشان‌دهنده‌ی صدااِ است:
    high/low notes
    She played three long notes on the piano.
    The engine noise suddenly changed its note and rose to a whine.
  4. یه هیجان یا یه روش برای توضیح چیزی:
    There was a note of caution in her letter.
    His speech struck just the right note.
    The meeting ended on an optimistic note.
  5. یه قطعه پول کاغذی:
    a €20 note
    He took a wad of notes from his pocket.
  6. اهمیت، یا حقیقت سزاواری توجه به چیزی:
    There was nothing of note in the latest report.



note (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده notes، حال استمراری noting، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری noted)

  1. آگاهیدن از چیزی:
    They noted the consumers' growing demand for quicker service.
    Please note (that) we will be closed on Saturday.
    Note how easy it is to release the catch quickly.
  2. توجهیدن به چیزی با بحثیدن درموردش یا نوشتن سابقه‌اش:
    He said the weather was beyond our control, noting that last summer was one of the hottest on record.
    In the article, she notes several cases of medical incompetence.