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decay (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده decays، حال استمراری decaying، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری decayed)

  1. خراب‌شدن، بدترشدن، یا پست‌ترشدن تدریجی؛ سبب این توسط چیزی شدن:
    Sugar makes your teeth decay.
    The role of the extended family has been decaying for some time.
    Pollution has decayed the surface of the stonework on the front of the cathedral.
    the smell of decaying meat
  2. درمورد یه شی پرتوزا به معنی تغییر شکل و تولید پرتو است:
    Radioactive uranium decays into stable lead at a known rate.
    As the actinium-225 decays, it gives off short-lived, highly energized alpha particles.



decay (جمع decays)

  1. خرابی، یا وضعیتی که باعث بدترشدن تدریجی می‌شود:
    environmental/industrial/moral/urban decay
    dental/tooth decay
    The buildings had started to fall into decay.
    This industry has been in decay for some time.
  2. فرایند تغییر شکل ماده پرتوزا که باعث تولید پرتو می‌شود:
    Radon is emitted in the natural decay of radioactive materials in rock and soil.
    the decay rate of beryllium-7