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divide (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده divides، حال استمراری dividing، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری divided)

  1. قسمیدن:
    At the end of the lecture, I'd like all the students to divide into small discussion groups.
    After the Second World War Germany was divided into two separate countries.
  2. شریکیدن؛ بخشیدن:
    I think we should divide (up) the costs equally among/between us.
  3. جدایاندن؛ سواییدن:
    There's a narrow alley that divides our house from the one next door.
    This path marks the dividing line between my land and my neighbour's.
  4. قسماندن:
    The party is divided on/over the issue of capital punishment.


divide (جمع divides)

  1. اختلاف؛ جدایی:
    The divide between the rich and the poor in this country is continuing to grow.