از ویکی‌واژه



instruction (جمع instructions)

  1. فرمان؛ دستور:
    • The police who broke into the house were only acting on/under instructions.
    • He gave me strict instructions to get there by eight o'clock.
  2. آموزه؛ آموزش:
    • The video provides instruction on how to operate the computer.
    • The course gives you basic instruction in car maintenance.
    • Have you seen the instruction manual for the washing machine?
  3. راهنمایی:
    • It was a confusing instruction, and I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do.
    • My boss gave me instructions on what to say to the press.
    • She gave me instructions not to contact the customer directly.
  4. (رایانش) راهنمال (دستورالعمل):
    • Simple computer processors execute instructions one after the other.