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meet (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده meets، حال استمراری meeting، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری meeted)

  1. آشنا شدن:
    They met at work.
    I met her in Hawaii.
    Would you like to meet my sister?
  2. دیداریدن؛ ملاقاتیدن؛ ملاقات کردن:
    Lorraine and I meet for lunch once a month.
    We agreed to meet on Tuesday to discuss the project.
  3. مواجهادن؛ روبروادن؛ مواجه شدن؛ دیدن:
    We met our old neighbours at an auction last Saturday.
    It's always awkward when you meet someone you know but you can't remember their name.
  4. براورشتن؛ براورده شدن؛ محقق کردن:
    The workers' demands for higher pay were not met by the management.
    We haven't yet been able to find a house that meets our needs/requirements.
    They will only agree to sign the contract if certain conditions are met.
  5. پرداختن:
    The company has agreed to meet all our expenses.
  6. برخوردن؛ برخورد کردن:
    The horizon is the line where the sky meets the earth.
    There's a large crack where the ceiling meets the wall.