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pack (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده packs، حال استمراری packing، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری packed)

  1. بندیلدن؛ بستن:
    She packed a small suitcase for the weekend.
    He just packed his bags and walked out on his wife and children.
  2. پیچاندن:
    She packed the vase in tissue paper to protect it.
  3. جمعادن:
    Thousands of fans are packing into the stadium.
    Fans packed the stadium to watch the final game.
  4. فشردن؛ فشارردن:
    The wind has packed the snow against the garage door.
    The snow has packed down tightly, making the streets dangerous to walk on.
  5. حملیدن؛ بردن:
    to pack a gun
    Each missile packs several warheads.
  6. داشتن:
    This gun packs (= has) a lot of firepower.


pack (جمع packs)

  1. (رایانش) بسته:
    The information pack consists of a brochure and a map.
  2. دسته:
    My uncle was the leader of my Cub pack.
  3. جماعت؛ گروه:
    a pack of thieves
    A pack of journalists was waiting outside the White House.
  4. پاکت:
    a pack of cigarettes/gum
  5. کیسه؛ پانسمان:
    Hold this ice pack to your head to stop the bruising.
  6. گله:
    a wolf pack
    a pack of wild dogs
  7. کوله
  8. ماسک صورت