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split (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده splits، حال استمراری splitting، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری splitted)

  1. سبب دو یا چند قسمت شدن، به‌ویژه در امتداد یه خط خاص:
    The prize was split between Susan and Kate.
    Split the aubergines in half and cover with breadcrumbs.
    The teacher split the children (up) into three groups.
    I'll split (= share) this croissant with you.
    His trousers split when he tried to jump the fence.
    The woman had split her head open (= got a long, deep wound in her head) when she was thrown off the horse.
  2. شکل‌دادن شکاف:
    The wooden floor had cracked and split in the heat.
  3. باعث تشکیل یا شکل‌گرفتن گروه‌های کوچک به‌دلیل وجود اختلاف:
    The childcare issue has split the employers' group.
    he union executive has split down the middle (= divided into two equal-sized groups who disagree with each other) on what to do next.
    A group of extremists split (off) from the Labour Party to form a new "Workers Party".
  4. راز یا اطلاعات ضایع‌کننده کسی را به کسانی گفتن:
    They knew Josie wouldn't split on them to the teacher.
  5. ترکیدن یه مکان