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screen (سوم شخص مفرد حال ساده screens، حال استمراری screening، گذشته ساده و گذشته استمراری screened)

  1. آزمایشتن؛ آزمایش شدن:
    Women over 50 should be screened for breast cancer.
    Completely unsuitable candidates were screened out (= tested and refused) at the first interview.
  2. نمایشتن؛ نمایش‌داده شدن:
    The programme was not screened on British television.
  3. پوشاندن؛ پنهانیدن:
    She raised her hand to screen her eyes from the bright light.
  4. برای پرهیز از سرزنش، تقصیری را به خود گرفتن:
    The husband says he's the murderer but we think it was his wife - he's just screening her.


screen (جمع screens)

  1. پرده:
    The nurse pulled a screen around the bed so that the doctor could examine the patient in private.
    A screen of trees at the bottom of the garden hid the ugly factory walls.
  2. (سینما) پرده نمایش:
  3. پوشنده:
    That café's just a screen for their criminal activities.
  4. نمایال؛ صفحه نمایش:
    Our television has a 19-inch screen.
    Coming to your screens (= cinemas) shortly, "The Adventures of Robin Hood".
    Her ambition is to write for the screen (= for television and films).